Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Antilles, Paris, The Basque Country

In 1990, Patricia de La Torre created Atelier de La Torre, the beautiful adventure she has been leading ever since.


Passionate about art, inspired by her father, an architect, and her mother, an art restorer, Patricia has created a team of professionals over the years, united by their experience and artistic challenges, in France, in Europe, in the Middle East and in the Americas.
Atelier de La Torre imagines, develops and creates effects based on materials, patinas, trompe-l'œil, decorations, and textures for different types of projects.
Surrounded by interior architects, teams of painter-decorators, gilders, photographers and sculptors…
Beyond her artistic success, Patricia de La Torre is renowned for her personal implication and that of her team, as well as her reactivity in managing the changing nature of project sites.
Across the world and across different cultures, her work is present in luxury boutiques in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, the United States…
Her talent and her creativity are enhanced by her expertise in techniques and materials, in order to highlight architecture, create perspectives, and accentuate spaces.

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